Black Lives Matter

We're listening. We're learning. We're taking action. And we'll continue to do so.

Some of you have peacefully taken to the streets. Some of you continue to use your platform to share information and resources. Some of you continue to have 1:1 conversations to better understand each other. Some of you quietly donate your money and time, doing your work behind the scenes. The point is, you were moved to do something and still are. In the face of injustice, you have taken action.

Our brand was founded on the idea that small changes can make a big difference. That the individual's actions can have an impact. And that when many individuals come together, there is momentum.

We've drafted a list of actions we're going to take this year and we hope that you have, too.

For starters, we have made donations to the following organizations. We invite you to learn more about their missions as we have:

@aliforneycenter - A new friend introduced us to this NYC area organization serving homeless LGBTQ youths by providing shelter and education.

@civilrightsorg - The promotion and the protection of civil and human rights. Their work seeks to impact policy reform. This organization is also led by a WOC and a diverse staff.

@eji_org - Founded by American laywer and activist Bryan Stevenson. EJI provides, among many things, legal representation for those who did not have a fair trial. His best-selling book Just Mercy has been made into a movie by Warner Bros.


For additional resources, please visit:


For voting resources, please visit: